Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dark Peak

Up next is our qualifier for our 3 year 11 Silver Award students and the practice expeditions for our 9 year 10 Silver Award teams and 1 year 12 Gold Award team.

The students will be meeting up at school on Monday 8th July for their 4 day expedition experience in the lovely Edale and Hope Valley area of the Dark Peak region of the Peak District.

Bronze 2019 Qualifier

Hot Hot Hot

Our 12 teams we in for 2 days of fabulous weather in the Peak district for our 2019 qualifier. This year we had two teams of six. One team worked south from Hulme End and another worked north from Ilam Hall. Both teams then camped in Alstonefield. The teams demonstrated all the skills that had learnt during the year and our 6 assessors put them to the test as they saw them through the various checkpoints.

Day 1
Teams arriving at Wetton Mill

Mr. Dalgleish assessing one of his groups

"This is my field... what are you all doing?"
The students were awesome, considering that they all started quite late from each of the starting points the vast majority of the groups were back early evening. Well done. What fabulous views you were all treated to.

The old dinosaur is looking a bit tired but certainly a landmark of reaching the camp. Alstonefield, our place for the night.

1st teams making camp

Half way - We did it! Well done girls.

Teams were also arriving from the South, slightly longer may be but a beautiful walk via the Tissington trail or along the river to Mildale.

Ilam Rock footbridge


Tram 7 - Wettton


Day 2

We awoke to the sign of another beautiful day. the teams were excellent at breaking camp and getting themselves organised. The first team was away at 07.45! Impressive, with all 12 teams being off site by 09.30. Well done everyone.

Ilam Hall - We did it. #wearedofe #dofe

Debrief and tent drying

Teams heading north had a treat waiting at the end. Hulme End - The Tea Junction. Fabulous home cakes and Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream mmm.

Sun accessories!

What is that fruit all about?

All 12 groups were spot on and the assessors praised the groups for their resilience, team work, camp craft and in most cases navigation!

Well done all, you did this section really well. Many of you have now completed the award. Some have bits to finish off so get it done for September so that you can be part of this years BAP, Our Bronze Award Presentation will be held in the Autumn term. If you are up for silver then you must complete the Bronze award that you have started. Start your sections, this can all be back dated to June/July 2019 for current year 9. May be follow twitter and the blog to see what the Y10's are up to on their practice or their training that was held at the end of the Easter holidays.

This is a great picture with some well spoken words.